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Thursday, September 12th, 2024

Location: Starts at Jeffersontown Commons Shopping Center and goes East on Taylorsville Road, then South on Watterson Trail to College Drive

Parade Rules:

  • ALL Commercial Units are LIMITED to 3 vehicles and/or 50 walkers. 
  • Items/Candy may be distributed by walkers alongside the route. Items/Candy may NOT be thrown from the parade unit. Units breaking this rule will be disbursed from the parade at the soonest exit point. 
  • If in a Car Club, vehicles must ride two abreast during the ENTIRE parade route, 
  • Limited to 6 six Car Clubs, NO MORE than 12 cars. (First Come, First Serve) 
  • Unlawful or dangerous use of motorized vehicles is STRICTLY prohibited and will result in immediate withdrawal from the parade. 
  • Vehicles that are part of the 2024 Gaslight Festival Parade must have valid insurance & ALL DRIVERS must have a valid Drivers License and MUST be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Alcoholic Beverages & other controlled substances are NOT permitted along the Gaslight Parade route or in assemble area and dispersal area.
*The Jeffersontown Chamber reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this Gaslight Festival event for any force majeure event or any other reason deems necessary or advisable including without limitation to logistical complications, public health concerns, severe weather forecast or other circumstances potentially affecting event operations, attendance or success funds paid towards this event are non-refundable.